Verizon Charges a Fee For . . . Paying Your Bill?

Ruh-roh. Looks like Verizon customers are going to be charged a fee for . . . paying their bill . . . ? 

According to CNN Money, Verizon is going to start charging a $2 "convenience fee" for those customers who choose to make one-time payments with a debit or credit card online or by phone. 
In order to avoid the charge, Verizon customers can make one-time payments using an electronic check, make online payments using their home bank accounts, or using a Verizon gift card. 
Verizon states the reason for the change is to offset the costs that the company has to pay for single bill payments. If you enroll in a program to automatically withdraw money from your account or automatically charge your credit card, you won't be hit with the charge. You can also go to a Verizon store to pay in person, or mail checks to the company.
It's unclear as to how customers are reacting at this point. If you're a Verizon customer who routinely makes one-time online payments, how do you feel about this charge? Will you continue to pay as you have in the past, change your payment method, or take more drastic action like switch service providers? Leave it here or on Facebook . . . I want to know your thoughts!
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