Vampire Power

My Electronics Do WHAT?!

After the amount of times that my parents threatened to make me pay the power bill growing up, you’d think that I would be better about remember to turn off the lights in my apartment!  It’s funny though how when you get that first electric bill on your own, reality really sinks in.  Keeping the lava lamp on to help “set the mood” quickly becomes a thing of the past.

However, what many faithful power savers don’t realize is that most of the electronics you own suck a considerable amount of power even when they are turned off.  And no, I’m not just talking about the clock on your microwave.  Sometimes referred to as “vampire power” these devices can use up to half the amount of power when turned off as they do when running full speed!  Check out the following culprits below that are known for sucking power and for more information on how you can prevent a pricey electric bill in addition to turning out the lights!

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Game Consoles: Have you ever felt the top of your game system after it’s been running for a long time?  We all know that heat has a direct relationship with electricity, but even when that game system isn’t in use; it can use as much energy as a desktop computer if accidentally left on!

Screen Savers: This is a quick one, but did you know that your computer sucks more power when it displays a screen saver instead of going into idle mode?

Digital Picture Frames: According to the Electric Power Research Institute, if every home in the United States had a decorative digital frame running 24/7 the country would need 5 extra power plants alone to compensate for the energy use!

Phone Chargers: I’ve acquired quite the collection of phone chargers over the years and thought it was great to leave them plugged in all over the house because no matter where I went, I could charge my phone!  What I didn’t know is that even when they aren’t connected, all those chargers draw power.

Plasma TV: Debating on whether or not you want LCD or Plasma?  Well, Plasmas take about twice the amount of power to run!  Not to mention they throw off a ton of heat when in use!  Screen size matter too.  The bigger the screen, the more power it draws.

The List Goes On: There are a slew of other devices that are victim to vampire power.  Some of these include microwaves, stereos, Wi-Fi routers, cable boxes, etc…

Realistically it would be pretty annoying to stumble all over you house and unplug all of these electronics when running late for work.  However you can achieve this goal by using power saving strips or outlets that can be shut off with a switch.  Manually adjusting settings on your electronics and setting timers are also ways to cut down the cost.  While it may not seem like a lot, getting rid of the vampire power WILL have an effect on your yearly consumption.  Special thanks to Y!Screen and The Columbus Dispatch for these great tips!

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