Unconventional Ways to Save Money on Tuition


College is really really ridiculously good loo- I mean, really really ridiculously expensive. If getting a college degree is what you want to do, then I'm just going to assume that you'd also love to save money while you're doing all that learning.
Protip: Don't go to the "Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too."
In this article from CNN.com, three college students detail how they shaved up to $50,000 off of their college costs - in ways that are pretty off-the-beaten-path.
1) Go to a lower-cost school abroad
Amanda Gesten wanted to go to the very expensive University of Oregon, but her parents objected to the school's price. Instead, she chose the University of Victoria in Canada, a school that places high in international rankings but costs about $50,000 less than the other schools she considered. Look north of the border to scope out some great schools at lower prices!
2) Pay with future earnings
Matthew Turcotte of Clarkson University traded 10% of his web design firm to the school. The trade off? A full-tuition scholarship. This isn't the easy way out by any means, since Matthew spends up to six hours a day managing his company on top of his classes. But the university has supported him throughout his education and have helped him connect with alumni interested in hiring him. So if you're a burgeoning entrepreneur, this is definitely an option!
3) Start at a community college
This may not seem very "unconventional", since community colleges are WAY cheaper than universities. However, students like Ebonee Parrish make it work out so that their college costs are zero. That's right. Zero. Piedmont Virginia Community College offered her a grant to cover tuition and books, and at Piedmont, students who meet a certain set of requirements get enough grant aid to cover tuition at the University of Virginia. So look around for programs like this or similar - you could end up saving PILES of cash!
I'm back to my age-old mantra of DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Search around for outside-the-box ways to earn some extra money for college, and you may be surprised.
Stay awesome!