Turning the "Average Joe" into a Doctor


We have all been there. We’ve all had that throbbing headache, or upset stomach, or fever, or less than satisfactory feeling that lead us to look up our symptoms online. I mean, let’s get real. Why take a trip to the doctor’s office when you can just figure out what you’ve got on your own, right? If you have ever felt this way before, you are NOT alone. According to Pew Internet, 72% of internet using adults have looked online for health information.

 High potassium foods. EAT THESE!

High potassium foods. EAT THESE!

Not only does the internet provide information on what your possible symptoms might mean, the internet also provides AWESOME information for problems you already have. There may be times where you're diagnosed with something and aren't provided with all of the information you need. You may even be interested and want more information than is provided to you.  For example, a few years ago, The doctors told me I had an abnormal heart beat. I was also diagnosed with hypokalemia (in other words, low potassium.) Even though my doctors let me know I had BOTH of these things, I had NO idea what that meant for me or my body. 

So being the researcher I am, I did some internet health digging. I found out that if your body doesn't have enough potassium, it can lead to an irregular heartbeat! My doctors didn't emphasize the importance of this in a way that I was able to understand, so by looking it up, I was able to take in the information in a way that hit home for me.  

I was also able to find ways to raise my potassium levels, which involved drinking A LOT of V8 ;). Point being: you can even find ways to help yourself and better your health, ALL by using the internet.

While I think being able to look up your own symptoms online is an awesome tool for addressing possible concerns you should have for your body and to find ways to better take care of your body, I urge you NOT TO GET WORKED UP. It’s a good idea to know your body and understand why it MAY feel the way it feels, but don’t give it even more problems by stressing out about it. 


And when you really are sick, it's good to be educated, but do not EVER dismiss your doctor. You should still go see a professional, because in the long run, education will help you, but a doctor will be better equipped to CURE you. 


Stay healthy! 

Vicky :)