Trending: Empire Meet & Greet at Oakland Mall

If you are follow me on social media you probably noticed the influx of pictures and video's from last week's Empire meet and greet at Oakland Mall. I had the privilege of helping out FM98, WJLB's own, The Bush Man On Air for his interview with Jussie Smollete and Yazz The Greatest. 

When I got to the mall, an hour before the interview, the parking lot was already full of cars! I went inside and was really blown away at how many people were lined up! I receive my first ever, but surly not my last, press pass! I felt so official. I helped The Bush Man set up some cameras for the interview and then we waited. I got to meet lots of cool people from WJLB, Lee Thomas from Fox 2 News, Jeremy Fox 2's camera man (can't forget them), as well as some photographers that were snapping pics for magazines and papers. (While I was taking selfie video's I know they were all thinking, who let this girl in?)

When the Empire stars arrived, the screams were loud and tears were even flowing! I watched three girls weep out of excitement. Jussie and Yazz were so nice.  Watching them interact with their fans really made me smile. The Bush Man will have his full interview up on his YouTube page soon, but until then enjoy my review of the meet and greet.

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