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Can you believe it is already September 1st! Where is the time going? 

What's up Young & Free Michigan! 

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to a Lions game! It was my first lions game, if you follow my Instagram (@YoungFreeMI) you got to see all my fun posts!  Not only was this my first Lions game, but it was my first NFL game ever! I learned a few things from my experience and I am going to share them with you.

1- Parking: We parked at Nemo's in Cork Town because they have a free bus to take you to and from the game! We thought parking was free if you ate there, but it was actually $10. $10 is way cheaper then the  $30 is costs to park by the field, but just an FYI basically everything costs money. I appreciated the bus ride and cheaper parking, which also avoid a lot of down town traffic. 

2- Purses and Budget Trucks: The NFL has a rule against bringing bags into the stadium that are not, "itty bitty", or see through. I didn't know this rule, even though it was in fine print on the back of my ticket. We had to check my purse for $10. The gave me a big zip lock type of bag to take what I needed into the game, but my nice purse was tagged and put on a budget truck. I was not too happy about this. But now I know! 

3- Elephant Ears: They are not cheap, but they are so worth it. Best elephant ear I have ever had. 

So in conclusion, park at Nemo's, bring cash, bring only a clutch or see through bag and save money for an elephant ear! Oh, and GO LIONS! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,