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What's Up Young& Free Michigan! 

Today for Trendy Tuesday  we are talking about Bucket Hats! 

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When I was at a youth camp these hats were everywhere- Not to mention they were the display window at Champs in the mall!  

 Photo From-   michaelstvtray

Photo From- michaelstvtray

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These hats are really cool because they come in different patterns and colors and really make an outfit! But I hope you are ready to pay for it, because unless you are making your own bucket hat, these can cost a pretty penny! I have seen them range from about $15 to $85! 

I really like these hats! I think they are fun and they help keep the sun out of your face! These re-vamped, Gilligan's Island, fisherman, hats have been seen on celebrities all summer long! That's right, no longer are these hat's just for dad's and fishermen.

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I bought one from Disney Land for my husband in November and have borrowed it from him since then! I even think the Disney Land version is cool! 

Do you like this trend? Should it stay or does it need to go away?  Comment below with your opinion, or post a picture with you in your bucket hat and tag #youngfreemi on social media! 


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