Travel Tips to Get the Cheapest Airfare and Hotel Rates

One thing people usually assume about someone who is well-traveled is that they have a lot of money. Welp, that’s not always the case. There's a science to traveling while not over-spending.

Here are a few things you must do:

Make traveling a priority.

  1. Check travel/airline/hotel site very regularly.
  2. Let’s face it… there will always be something to spend your money on, from shopping, clubbing, hobbies, to eating out frequently. But if you truly want to be about that traveling life, making lifestyle sacrifices is necessary. 

Be ready to book.

Deals come, and deals go… fast. If you’re not prepared with a travel stash, you may miss out on some super cheap error fares, or one-day deals.

Book in advance, but not too far.

According to a recent study, 54 days ahead is the best time to book a flight. That’s supposedly when flights are the absolute cheapest. But 112 to 21 days in advance is a good range of time you should book your flight. 

Be Patient. Do Your Research.

If you want to do fun excursions when you get to your destination, wait until you get there to book them. Many online sites will overcharge for excursions, including lots of unnecessary.

Be Open-minded.

You may not be staying in a 5-star resort on every trip. Or, you may not even book your stay until you get there. A site called offers last minute deals on remaining vacant rooms in hotels for the night. And many of them are nice hotels! Their goal is to fill empty rooms, so they’re marked down significantly. Win-win. 


Take advantage of rewards programs because they make a huge difference! Most airlines have reward programs and give free or discounted flights after you’ve flown a certain number of miles with them. And sites for booking hotel accommodations, like Orbitz, also offer amazing perks and discounts.

Traveling is so much fun, and can be less expensive if you know how to do it. More travel blogs are coming!

Be Easy,