Travel Tip Two

A couple of weeks ago, you may recall reading about the steps to take before you travel to another country in a blog entitled, “Travel Tip One.” (link to travel tip blog.) I now have a few more tips to share with you before you travel!

While you’re spending money overseas in Europe or another country, you’re going to have a lot of payment options! You can pay using a credit card, debit card, or by paying with cash. If you do decide to pay with cash, you may want to consider using a foreign exchange service BEFORE you travel. This will turn your American money into the money of your country of travel. If you don’t exchange your money before you go, you might pay higher fees and not get the best possible exchange rate.


Michigan First Credit Union has teamed up with the Foreign Currency Exchange Services located in Birmingham, MI, giving you the opportunity to exchange your American cash for the currency of whatever country you’re going to! There are over 60 different types of currency available for exchange. You’ll get a lot more bang for your buck using this exchange service instead of using another location like an airport or hotel. NOT TO MENTION – If you’re a Michigan First Credit Union member, you’ll only be charged a $5.00 flat fee, which is a really good deal compared to other places.

Some of the benefits of using an exchange service before you travel include:

  • Lower fees.
  • Better exchange rates.
  • Enjoying travels rather than exchanging money!


When you have money left over after your trip, Foreign Currency Exchange Services will buy back the money at the current rate of exchange. If you save your receipt, they will also waive the fee.


Safe travels,