Trailer Tuesday: Warm Bodies

When will they stop with the zombie thing???

Just when you thought the zombie genre had nothing more to offer, here comes Warm Bodies.  It’s a fresh take on the typical zombie storyline where instead of rooting for the living, you might just find yourself rooting for the dead.  Now this might sound strange, but just hang with me for a second.  The story follows a zombie who becomes emotionally involved with one of his victim’s girlfriends.  As their romance progresses they set into motion a sequence of events that has the potential of transforming the entire undead world.
Now if you still think I’m crazy just take a look at the trailer below.  I swear to you there is something to this crazy plot line.  While I’m not sure it will be worth paying to see in theaters, I would love to hear from any of you who have read the book on if the movie looks like it will do the story justice.  Watch the trailer and comment below!

Check it out!

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