Trailer Tuesday: Top Gun 3D

I am not a sucker for 3D movie re-releases, BUT I might have to make an exception for this week’s Trailer Tuesday.  I am almost ashamed to admit that I REALLY want to go see the 3D release of Top Gun! Usually I think these releases are a waste of money, plus I don’t really like seeing any movie in 3D.  It’s a personal preference I guess, but I justify my reasoning by pointing to the price increase on 3D tickets. 

However after finding this gem I quickly jumped online only to find out that I missed it!  This special showing was only from Feb 8-13th.  I’ll admit I was a little bummed, but it got me thinking.  Am I the only one who thinks paying extra money to see a movie or re-release in 3D is not worth it?  Should I feel bummed out, or glad that I didn't get suckered into paying a gross amount of money to see a movie I own on DVD?  Comment below with your opinion and take a second from your busy day to enjoy this throwback trailer!

Check it out!

Until next time,