Top 7 Summer Jobs for High School Students

It’s a job in itself sometimes to find a company that will hire teens in the summer. Plus, it seems like there’s a shortage of summer jobs if you don’t get one early. Here are some great starter jobs for high school juniors, seniors, and above.


1.     Movie Theatre Employee

My first job was at the concessions stand in a movie theatre. It was really fun and they hired me at 16! I had no job experience but they gave me a shot and it was the perfect first job. I learned to work the register, make the concessions, and most importantly customer service. The best part was I got into movies for free and so did my immediate family!



2.     Camp Counselor

Being a mentor is a great way to give back and build your interpersonal skills. A lot of places like the Boys & Girls Club are looking for upperclassmen high school students who can mentor and look after younger students during the summer.


3.     Lifeguard

If you are a good swimmer and have a knack for attention to detail, lifeguarding can provide a solid summer income. You may have to get certified so be sure to check with the Red Cross and see how to do so.



4.     Dog Walker

Dog walking isn’t for the faint hearted but it provides a decent summer income and if you love pets it’s a plus! The average pay for a dog walker is around $13 per hour and that’s great for a starting position.


5.     Intern

Becoming an intern is a great way to shadow in your desired field and get paid for it. You can even approach small businesses and propose your services. They may need someone to run their social media pages or help clean up around their building.



6.     Restaurant Employee

In the summer, restaurants are looking for seasonal workers to help with the demand. Look around for local and national chains and see what positions they have available. Sometimes it’s best to walk into a restaurant right before dinner and speak directly with a manager. Don’t walk in during a lunch or dinner rush; instead stop in once the storm has calmed down and the manager is also calm.


7.     Stadium Employee

Concerts, games, and graduations keep stadiums full in the summer which means they’ll need additional employees for clean-up, concessions, ticket collections, and more.


Summer may seem far away but the sooner you get your resume completed and start scouting your jobs the better your chances will be to get hired. If you guys have any questions about applying for a position or need help on your resume you can reach out to me on social media @YoungFreeMI or leave a comment. You can also check out this blog post for resume tips.


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