Top 15 Blog Challenge: Parris Thomas

Editors note: We asked each of our Top 15 to tell us a story about a money-related blunder that they've made.

The Lost of My First Love

It’s those moments we do without thinking that we may regret
Have you ever done something so quickly you wish you could take back
Well that was I in 2009
Looking back I wish I would of taken a little more time
To look at my options and probably a car fax
Because this mistake I surely can’t take back
I can probably blame it on my lack of intelligence
But I wont do that
Lets just say this little thing, little slip up, small check up I didn’t make
Caused me to go about 2000 feet under in my bank
I was just a few months into being seventeen
And I thought I had this grown up decision making down like one of my dance routines
So I went ahead and bought my first car
Based on my spending habits in the past I thought this decision was the best by far
My little 2000 Saturn SL1 was my love
Her name was Green Monster and none stood above
But all this joy didn’t last for long
Because my little Green Monster had a bug
A bad transmission that I didn’t notice
And she seemed to be all around out of focus
Most likely because I didn’t have a second opinion
But I thought it was just my self-persuasion
As months went on my car slowly faded
A slight hatred toward my self slowly escalated
It was just a week after my next birthday that my car decided to give up
As I was crossing a 2 way stop my car decided to slip up
T-boned I was and yes my car was totaled
Luckily I wasn’t hurt
Although I cant speak on behave of my bank account I guess it could all be worse
If I have gained any knowledge from this mistake  
And if I could have a retake
I have learned to take a second look
To listen to my elders
And maybe look at Kelly’s Blue Book
Next time I’ll take more time thinking before doing
Because no more money can I be loosing