Top 15 Blog Challenge: Julian Littlejohn

Editors note: We asked each of our Top 15 to tell us a story about a money-related blunder that they've made.

Oops I mean books

Currently I have been looking for employment, monetary decisions I have previously made are affecting my financial situation now as a college student. If I was Marty McFly from America’s hit movie “Back to The Future”, I would set the plutonium-powered time machine for 2009 or in other words, The Year of Awesomeness for me and the Year of When Will He Get a Job for my Parents, you know, my senior year of high school. My last year of high school was the time of my life, filled with joyous opportunities that were absolutely nice. Homecoming dance, prom, field trips and of course unapproved road trips in my mom’s car; sorry mom. I included myself in everything without considering the expenses spending and shopping at my parents expenses. College application fees were continuously climbing up the wall and no matter how far my money stretched it just never seemed that tall. With help from my family I finally applied and got accepted to many colleges. I had not applied for many scholarships and according to my funds it was pretty obvious. After I did more research on scholarships, I realized that there are many companies that provide graduating seniors with scholarship opportunities. An example of an organization that provides scholarships for graduating seniors is Michigan First Credit Union, who annually provides academic based scholarships for creative and intelligent graduating seniors. As reality has set in I realized that if I applied for scholarships during my senior year of high school I would not have to worry about looking for a job at this present moment. In the end, I discovered I would have more than enough money from a scholarship to pay for my necessities and even some new video games, oops I mean books!