Top 15 Blog Challenge: Daniel Stephens

Editors note: We asked each of our Top 15 to tell us a story about a money-related blunder that they've made.


Financial blunders. Have you ever had one of those moments you wish you could take back? You know what I’m talking about, right? One of those moments that was so monumental, and yet so overwhelming that after the moment had passed, time literally stood still. And in the aftermath of apocalypse, you would literally sell your soul to be able rewind through the chaos and avoid this catastrophe. Welcome to the world of financial screw ups…

How to avoid financial destruction, finance tip 38. Why you shouldn’t rent anything for your friends with your card. The story you are about to hear is true, the names and locations have been changed to protect the innocent. Alright, so a few months ago, I was with some friends who were about to move. After a day of packing, we decided to get some pizzas, get some movies and some video games, and chill for the rest of the night. Part way through the night we decided that we wanted to rent a video game so Jim and I went to the closest Blockbuster and found the game we wanted. When we got to the checkout, Jim realized, he didn’t have any cash. So I stepped in and volunteered to pay for the game. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough cash to pay for the rental, but I did have my card. Here’s where I do the stupid thing. I used my card to rent the game for my buddy. We went on to have a great night, and the game was a blast.

So here’s where things got messy. I went home with a promise that Jim would return the video game before it was due. But if the story ended here, I wouldn’t have much of a story, would I? A few days later I found out Jim still hadn’t returned the game. Days turned into weeks, Jim moved, and still the game had not been returned. A month passed, and still, the game still hadn’t been returned. Finally we went to return the game, and after everything was said and done, it was cheaper to buy the game at full price then it was to pay off the late fees. So we bought the game. Learn from my mistake. With finances, we need to be responsible, and we can’t leave anything to chance. Make responsible choices and keep yourself accountable. \

Well there you have it folks. Stay smart.