Tips on Uncluttering/Organization

If you’re anything like me, getting your work organized may seem harder than doing the work itself. But as I’ve recently taken up the task of making myself an organized and prepared individual, I figured I’d share some of the advice that I’ve been given and have picked up on my journey of becoming clean, organized, prepared and uncluttered.

1. Clean out.

Right now, you may still very well be cluttered. So take some time and refresh your surroundings! If your room is a mess, clear it up. Start off fresh so you can feel fresh.

2. Take everything one step at a time.

Looking at all that you HAVE to do, it will seem overwhelming. And when you’re overwhelmed, it’s easier to quit. So just take little pieces of what’s cluttered and clear it up a little bit at a time. You’ll still get everything done and at least you’ll be giving your head a break.

3. Have a designated place for everything (AKA know where your stuff is.)

For example, always place your homework in your backpack. Or always put your gas receipts on the top-left corner of your desk.  This way you aren’t constantly looking for things. You will already know where they are!

4. When you have something to do, get it done.

It’s better to whip something out of the way than to let it sit and fester. Eventually everything adds up and you’ll have a BUNCH of things waiting to be done.


If you have written down what you have to do, you’ll be less likely to forget it in the future. Then you won’t have to worry about missing an important task.

6. DON’T GET LAZY or overly confident in your organizedness.

Just because you’re clean, prepared and ready now doesn’t mean you’ll stay that way. If you’ve EVER had a bad habit, including being unorganized, you should know how easy it can be to go back to your old ways. So when you start to see yourself drifting into that mode where you’re throwing your papers everywhere, shouting “I’ll get to it later,” you better STOP RIGHT THERE. You’ve got to keep up on being organized! Otherwise you’ll never stay that way.


It isn’t as hard as it seems. Once you get in the swing of things, being organized will be as easy as breathing (I think.)


This has been written by a one day uncluttered Vicky.