Tips for Time Management

Time management isn't always easy. You've got class. You've got work. You've got friends and cleaning and studying and a boyfriend/girlfriend and you're ALSO trying to get fit. And as if it wasn't enough, now you're ALSO trying to squeeze in some "time management lessons" into your packed schedule. 

Well - time management is key to using your time wisely, getting the most out of your work and is ESSENTIAL to not get burned out. 

Try using these tips I found on Palo Alto Medical Foundation to help you the most out of your time:

Learn to say no

Unless you TRULY want to do something and find value in something, don't feel pressured to say "yes" ALL of the time.  Try doing things that make you happy and will help develop you and your career instead.

On top of your school and work schedule,  take a look at all of the tasks you need to accomplish before the week starts, and make a schedule for when you'll get them done. Remember to be realistic and give yourself time to just "veg out" and relax.

Create and follow a to-do list

When you day first starts, write down everything you need or would like to accomplish, the most pressing, "need to be done" items first, followed by the "these can be pushed off a little" items, ending with the "ehhh I want to do these, but when I get them done is really whenever!"

Once a task or item is done, make sure you cross it off! It is encouraging to see how much you've gotten done compared to a long, long list.

Try not to procrastinate 

You're going to have to get the work done eventually anyways. So instead of stressing out about it later, schedule it out in your time and put it on your to-do list.  Pretend as if it's due sooner than it is, if that'll help assure that you get it done at a reasonable time.

Keep a time log

Know how much time you're spending on each task, including things like surfing the internet and watching T.V. This way you know how much time you spend where and know how to better manage your time.


Do you have any tips for how to manage time? What do you do to help you get work done without stressing out? Share below!


Until next time,

Vicky :)