Tips 4 Shopping at Target...

Have you ever just headed to Target because you had nothing better to do?  Yea? Well, you are not the only one! Target is so hypnotizing! You can go in for toothpaste and walk out with a brand new wardrobe, some movies, decorations and no doubt you grabbed a coffee.  

Target has mastered the glamorous convenience and emotional connect we want when we shop. Did that make any sense? Is that even a real thing? No? Well, it sounds like a real thing to me. I can get emotional real fast about Target. (Insert Praise Emoji Here...)     :) 

This week I went to a Target that looks really cool and different on the outside. I went in and it was just like every other Target I have ever been inside. (Bummer) I spent money on some stuff that I didn't really need, but resisted buying some over priced items. I vloged the shopping spree for you and thought I would share some simple tips for shopping at Target to help you save some money!

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In review my tips for shopping at Target are;

  • Use a basket, not a cart
  • Shop the sales. Don't buy anything full priced.
  • Only buy the essentials
  • Never go to Target for entertainment.
  • Wear tennis shoes just in case The Ellen Show, shows up.

FYI, I'll be getting a new iphone soon so my vlogs should be a lot more clear! I'm excited! What kind of phone do you have? Do you like the camera on your phone? I'd love to know.

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