Timmy: Thank You!

For those of you who have not already heard, it is my misfortune to announce that I did not win the Young and Free Michigan Spokesperson contest. This opportunity would have helped me immensely as I graduate from UDM this upcoming May 14th, providing me with a new computer, a smartphone, a stable salary, first-hand experience in my field of study, and a chance to express myself through blog and weekly video. I want to thank everyone who supported me through my campaign; I honestly could not have made it this far without your love and encouragement. Likes, Favorites, Comments, Tweets, Re-tweets, Sharing, and especially Votes, everything you did for me I am eternally grateful. Although the results are disappointing and may not have been what we would have hoped, I am confident that there are even better opportunities out there for a strong, determined, outgoing, eccentric, optimistic, young (and free) individual like myself! My character and abilities have grown through this process, and I can only hold my head up high in pride for all the hard work we put in together to make me a Top 3 Finalist. My heart goes out to all my fellow applicants of this competition, as any of them would have been excellent candidates to represent our generation in Michigan. I hope we all can stay in touch as friends and together lead our generation towards financial stability and a prosperous future. Congratulations to Janelle O’Hara, who, in close race, let her abilities and talents truly shine. I know you will be an amazing Spokester! Lastly, I would like to thank Young & Free and Michigan First Credit Union for their encouragement, energy, and the experiences I gained from this competition. Thank you all, once again, for this wonderful opportunity.