TIME TO VOTE/ How To Vote...


Just kidding, this is a way bigger deal than voting for Pedro to be the class President. This vote could win you up to $10,000! The voting phase for the Michigan First scholarship opportunity is opened from today at 12noon until Friday, Feb. 15th at 3pm. 

Take this week to shamelessly promote your scholarship entry. The applications with the most votes will then move on to the judging round, where the top prize winners will be decided! 

The easiest way to get votes is by pasting the vote page-link to your social media. Or attach the link in any emails you might send to your family friends and teachers. Remember there is only one vote per legitimate email address. Please keep that rule in mind before anyone tries to fake an email, because those votes won’t count. 

How do I get to the vote page?! 

Good question, it's easy. On the home page at YoungFreeMichigan.com, click on vote now. Then select the category you entered, high school essay, high school video or college video. There you will see the option to vote and that page is the link I recommend you share with your voters

Good luck! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & free,