Time To Go Camping!


 Tippy Dam in Manistee, Michigan! (My favorite place to camp)

Tippy Dam in Manistee, Michigan! (My favorite place to camp)

Do you ever get sick of the same old thing? Tired of sleepingwaking up in the same bed day in and day out? Ever look in the mirror thinking to yourself, “MAN! I need a change?" 

Then maybe it's time for you to go camping!

A change of scenery is the perfect fix to that "tired of everything" feeling. Camping also helps relieve the urge caused by wanderlust. It's fun, it's affordable, it will get you out of the house and will REALLY give you a breath of fresh air. 

SO if and when you do decide to go camping (if you found yourself  saying yes to any of the questions above, please start packing immediaility,) you’re going to need a few things!

1. A tent (and or place for shelter)

2. A few pairs of clothes. (Including t-shirts, shorts, sweaters, pants) The amount you bring depends on how long your stay will be.

3. Food! Just bring food that you’ll be able to eat. For example, don’t bring hamburger meat if you aren’t going to have a grill. But don’t limit yourself to Funyons and Mike & Ike’s either. Rather, bring a cooler with ice, lunch meat, bread and condiments. You can even buy pre-made subs. Just think smart about the food you bring!

4. A friend! Now, this one isn’t a must. But if you do go camping, it’s usually better if you’ve got someone there with you. If you do decide to bring someone, make sure it isn’t someone you’re going to fight with the entire time. This camping trip is meant to be a stress-reliever, not a stress inducer. So take advantage of that! 

5. A book. Especially if you decide to go alone; it’s good to have something to do. Having a good read will keep you occupied during those quiet times.

6. Make sure you have blankets, pillows, tooth brushes, etc.

 And if you would still like to go camping but don't have the time nor money to make a big trip, try camping in your yard! It might not be miles away, but it can really feel like it. You still get the benefits of camping away from home, just with the convience of being right in your own yard.

For more information and tips on backyard camping, check out this website: How to Camp in Your Backyard

And if you decide to go camping somewhere away from home, here's a website containing places in Michigan that are worth traveling to: Michigan Campgrounds 


Get out and enjoy those great outdoors! :)