Thursday Night LIVE with Coop on 99.5 WYCD


Yep. You'll be able to know where I am EVERY THURSDAY for the next 12 weeks. I should be creeped out by this, but you know what? I want to meet you all. Unless you're creepy. 
Young & Free Michigan partnered up with Thursday Night Live with Coop on 99.5 WYCD! So from 8-10pm each Thursday for the next 3 months or so, I'll be in studio with Coop and the live talent, as well as YOU, if you want! Yep, the public is allowed to come in and hang out with Coop, WYCD staff, and ME, in studio during the show! 
If you can't physically be in my presence, you can watch the live stream at Tweet me and I'll wave at you! We can have a secret signal or something.
There's free food from Qdoba, the chance to win prizes, and some sweet Young & Free Michigan giveaways, as well as a ton of other coolness courtesy of WYCD. So I think that next Thursday you should head on over to the WYCD station on Woodward Heights in Ferndale to chill out! Look for my cool yellow car in the parking lot.
Caught in the act: chowing down on free Qdoba.


My first Thursday Night Live!

Stay awesome!