Throwing an AWESOME Football Party

 The Michigan First Credit Union team in Licoln Park getting ready for the big game!

The Michigan First Credit Union team in Licoln Park getting ready for the big game!

Tomorrow is the BIG game! The long awaited rivalry of the year has again sprung upon us, but the question is, who’s going to win? Who will be this year’s CHAMPION, the Michigan State University Spartans or University of Michigan Wolverines? I can’t say I’m too sure myself… but I do know one thing: how to throw an awesome football party. Whether you plan on hosting the big game party at your house tomorrow or you plan on hosting a game for the Lions in a few weeks, check out my tips below on how to throw a kickin’ football celebration.



Do you have enough room and seating for the amount of people you plan to invite? If not, you should ask people to bring themselves a seat. Do you have enough money to fund the party? If not, you can always hold a pot-luck style dinner and ask your guests to bring a dish along with them to the party.



Good food doesn’t have to be expensive. You can have hot dogs and hamburgers and you will please EVERYONES' stomachs. If you don’t feel like cooking, pizza is always a good option. Some local pizza places will even have game day specials. If you decide to ask everyone to bring a dish, it'll be fun because it brings a lot of different tastes to one table, and you’ll save a decent amount of money.


football cutouts.jpg

Having a fun, football atmosphere will make the game watching experience THAT much more enjoyable. You can either make home-made decorations by cutting out footballs from paper, OR you can find cheap decorations at the Dollar Tree™. As long as you add a little pep to the room in which everyone will be watching the game, you’ll make it livelier!


Please make sure your house is clean, your bathroom is clean, and that you have somewhere for guests to put their coats. This is pretty important for ALL parties, even football parties, and it will make your guests feel MUCH more comfortable.


A football party should be fun! While it is important to plan things out for the big game party, don’t stress about it.  It’s supposed to be fun! So kick back and enjoy the game!

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