Throwback: POGS

Nostalgia takes over every once in a while. Does the word "POG" mean anything to you? No? Well, then you must have been living under your Pet Rock from the 80's, because I'm pretty sure that every child of the 90's remembers Pogs.

For the unenlightened, Pogs is a game in which you take a slammer (a heavier Pog made out of metal or plastic) and throw it at face-down stacks of cardboard Pogs. Whichever Pogs land face up are the property of the person that threw the slammer.
(Disclaimer: you should probably just look up the rules, because that's not very descriptive.)
Anyway, I usually never even played Pogs. I just used to buy them from the penny candy store. You could buy those Pog canister things too that would hold them, and I'd sort them according to color or cartoon characters.
What about you? What are your fondest memories of Pogs, or what else do you want to talk about from the Wonderful World of the 90's?
Stay awesome!