Throwback: Austin's Challenge Video

Spokester Applicants!

This is a last reminder that your challenge video and blog are due tomorrow by 3:00pm.  Yesterday I talked about the challenge blog so today I want to mention something about the video.  The challenge video plays a huge role in the final decision on who will become the next Young & Free Michigan Spokester. 

As the spokester you will have to create unique and interested videos every week and this is your opportunity to show us what you got! Really polish this one up. Grainy iPhone videos won’t cut it this time! The judges will also be looking for you to show your mad video planning and editing skills. Tell a great story, Include different locations, good lighting and audio, cool graphics and engage other people are a few tips for making a great video. Did we mention a wobbly vertical iPhone video will not cut it here!

As promised, here is the challenge video I put together when I applied last year. We were asked to find a creative way to talk about the difference between banks and credit unions. Yes, the mustache was drawn on with a marker.

Check it out!

Until next time,