Thrifty Valentines Day Gift. VIDEO

Happy Valentines Day! 

Well, it's not Valentines day yet, but it's coming soon. So for all of you who haven't gotten a gift yet, and are running a little short on cash, watch this easy DIY video to make something for someone special!

All you need is some earring backs, I got mine from JoAnn Fabrics. You will need some Hex nuts, I picked them up from Home Depot. You will also need a necklace chain, from JoAnn's and some super glue! Don't be afraid to get creative. (Also, look up JoAnn Fabrics online and find some great coupons before you make your purchase) 

Oh, but make sure you know if your Valentine has sensitive skin. If they do, you might want to buy some different products to use. 

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