Thrifty Vacation Shopping...

When you go on vacation there is so much temptation to buy a t-shirt at every stop you make, pick up a key chain and buy a new $60 hoodie with the destination on it. In today's blog I want to make a few suggestions for you to save money on your next vacation. 

Take pictures, don't spend money.

Instead of spending money on a bunch of little knickknacks snap some pictures of the gift shop, and the scenery yourself! 

Give yourself a limit.

Before you go on vacation only allow yourself to spend a certain amount on souvenirs, or limit yourself to one item. 

Buy something before vacation.

Instead of shopping for souvenir's and over paying for cheapo products, why not take yourself out to buy a new hat, dress, or t-shirt before you go on your trip! Get the spending urge out of the way. 

Invest in professional prints.

This kinda goes along with the first tip. Save your souvenir money for a canvas print, or you could make your own DIY canvas print of some amazing pictures from your vacation.

Spend more time Sleeping instead of shopping.

 You are on vacation, rest, relax. Don;t waste your time nosing around the shops. (UNLESS its an amazing deal of course!) 

I hope some of these tips help you out on your next vacation! Do you have any other tips? Post a comment!

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,

Ebeth Fielder