Thrifty Vacation Prep.

Being a young adult and financing our own vacations can sometimes seem impossible, but here are a few tips in saving some money and being thrifty on your vacation. 

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Be realistic and reasonable with your packing. Remember if you are flying, most airlines charge for each bag, each way! Pack a small spare change of clothes in your carry on, just in case your checked bag gets lost, or you get stuck in a different city!

 Photo From-   www.savvysavingtips

Photo From- www.savvysavingtips


Bring an empty water bottle, some drink twist tubes to add to water, peanut butter crackers, food bars, beef jerky and something sweet!  The point is, you will get hungry and tempted to stop for a pretzel, coffee, soda, and a large fry. Paying for all of those snacks during your vacation will add up fast! So just bring snacks with you! 

Spending -

Set a budget for your entire trip and break it down into categories.  I found it more effective to use cash instead of my card while on vacation. But, if your cash gets lost or stolen it's gone. So if you decide to use cash, keep it on you at all times. 

Young & Free Michigan, it is possible to fund your own vacation, and have a nice one at that! It just takes some dedication to your goal and some discipline in spending habits! 

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