Thrifty-Make Some Money!

What's up Young & Free Michigan!?

Today for Thrifty Thursday I want to share some secrets, that aren't really secrets. I have some great ways that you can make some money off of the items you have in your closet! 

First things first- Clean out your closet! If you haven't worn or used an item in a while, it's time to go! 

There are plenty of options when it comes to selling your closet items.

There is the traditional garage sale, Plato's Closet (which accepts men's and women's clothing), eBay, craigslist or online re-sale shops like, or There are several online shops like these available for you to buy and sell! Or you could even have a Facebook sale, where you would post pictures with an asking price on your Facebook. 

All you have to do is, decide what you don't need and make sure it is clean. Then take it to the resale store of your choice or take pictures of it and post it online to the site of your choice! It's not that deep!

Now, the stuff that was just cluttering your closet is gone and made you some money! 

I highly recommend that you clean out your closet before the end of the summer so you can have some extra cash in hand when the fall semester begins. Or have some extra money to buy your new fall wardrobe!

I made a rule for myself, thats it,  whenever I go shopping, or want to go shopping for clothes I have to get rid of some things. Maybe you should consider applying this rule for yourself. 

Here are the links to the sites I mentioned above, 

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