Thrifty Home Furnishings

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Today for Thrifty Thursday we are going to talk about furnishing your apt. or house by thrifting.

I got married January and my husband and I moved into a house in Dearborn. We both had a few nice pieces of furniture that we had in our apartments before we got married but we didn't have enough stuff to fill the house! So, I took it upon myself to go hunting for some good, cheap furniture.

Encore Upscale Resale in Southfield became my best friend.

                             Click on the link below to see the great deals going on at encore right now! 

                            Click on the link below to see the great deals going on at encore right now! 


We got 1 dresser, 2 pull out couches, 1 china cabinet, a dining table with chairs, an office chair and an upholstered chair and side table for under 300 bucks.  I got all of that furniture at 50% off the thrift store prices!

Here are a few rules to stick to when looking at thrift store furniture.

1. Know how much space you have to fill and look for sturdy pieces.

Don’t buy a couch that won’t fit through the front door!  (That has happened but a different story...)

2.  Look past the fabric and patterns.

Instead look at the shape, and the level of comfort the furniture has. I also smelled the furniture before I bought it…I didn't want to bring a stink bomb into my house. You can buy slip covers. I got my slip covers for about $20 online.

3. Do your research, imagine your decorated space.

I love pottery barn and west elm, however, there is no way I would be ok with paying their prices right now. I searched online and subscribed for their catalogs so I could be inspired and see the shapes and textures I liked. If you do your personal research, you will probably be able to find similar piece thrifting.

4. If you can, wait until the store runs a special on furniture.

Yes, the thrift store already has great prices, but because I was diligent in shopping for furniture only when the furniture was an additional 50% off, I saved a lot of money!

Have you had any luck thrifting for furniture? Tell me about it!

Keeping it Fresh, Young &Free,