Thrifty Halloween Stuff!

I planed on posting a throwback video in today's blog, however, I was having some technical dificulties posting pics and videos on the blog, so that video will just have to wait for another day! Sorry there won't be any awesome images in today's post...I will make up for it tomorrow! 

As we are all aware, tomorrow is Halloween! And they say it's going to be really cold! On Tuesday I posted a video proving that you don't need to spend money on your costume, but instead you can use stuff you got at home!

Well, today, thanks to Pintrest and Google I found some fantastic Halloween Ideas and have listed things you will need to accomplish the look! 

  • Mr. Clean (White eye brows, bald head, white tee)
  • Bounty Quilted, Quicker Picker-uper (Combed over hair, red plaid shirt and some bounty paper towels) 
  • Superman (Glasses, a button up and a super man tee)
  • Nerd (Polo, glasses, goofy socks and hair)
  • Call Me Maybe (Hello my name is sticker and write Maybe)
  • 50 shades of gray (Gray paint samples) 
  • Tourist (Camera, sunscreen, hat, Hawaiian shirt) 
  • Where is Waldo (Red and White striped shirt a hat and glasses) 

Those are some great, easy and possibly free ideas for you!  Remember you can be thrifty and creative and save a lot of money! 

I have a really fun blog/video planned for tomorrow! I can't wait to share it with you!

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,