Thrifty Fall Fashion

Fall is technically here, but it’s not exactly time to break out the boots and jackets yet. Instead I have some simple ways you can re-vamp your wardrobe to make it a little more on trend and fall like, on a budget. These tips will be focused mostly for ladies, I’ll make another post about this for guys later.

1.    DIY scarf – Yes, you can go out a buy some scarfs, but you might be able to save more money by doing it yourself. Check out your local fabric store for some plaids, and deep colored, or textured fabric. Take that fabric and transform it into an infinity scarf by sewing, using no sew iron on adhesive or hot glue! (Watch the DIY video I made last year!I might get crafty again soon to create some new fall scarfs.)

2.    Layers- Old Navy has been my go to spot for clothes shopping because they have great sales, and nice basic clothing pieces. Purchase some warm toned undershirts or t-shirts to layer with a flannel, hoody or denim jacket. And NEVER spend more than $10 on a t-shirt! (This tip is both for guys and girls.) I recently have been loving this over-sized fall flannel.

3.    Over-sized clothing- Over-sized clothing is in, and it's cozy! A great place to save money and buy over-sized clothing is the thrift store. It might take some time, but if you go, I know you could revamp your fall wardrobe with just $20

4.    Makeup- Instead of revamping your clothing, switch up your makeup look! For the frugal route, I suggest shopping for a new lip color, blush, nail polish or eye makeup at CVS or Ulta. CVS is AMAZING if you don’t mind drug store cosmetics. I love shopping at CVS because they usually have great deals that include extra bucks, or money back! Whenever you shop at Ulta, ALWAYS use a coupon.

Next time I will focus more on tips for the guys fall wardrobe!

Where do you like to shop? Let me know!

Keeping it Fresh Young & Free,