Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days: The Washer Game

Uh-huh, it's the first official day of summer! While some are stuck inside working ridiculous amounts of hours, during the summer months many try to schedule in some much-needed outdoor recreation time. You don't need to live on a lake or own a pool to have some summer fun. In fact, all you need is a patch of grass and a fun group of people to get the "summer-summer-summertiiiime" party started. (shout out to Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff.)

Here's the first installment of a blog series about some of my favorite outdoor activities that don't require a) water or b) ridiculous amount of money or c) large expanses of time.
The Washer Game
For some reason, my family calls this "Polish horse shoes", even though that's something completely different.  Basically, it's two wooden boxes with a tube in the middle, and you take turns tossing painted washers into the boxes. 
The rules of scoring vary, depending on who you're playing with. An internet search has returned MANY different sets of scoring rules, so you can Google it and pick your flavor, I guess!
My family plays that getting a washer into the tube is 3 points, and getting a washer into the box is 1 point. Teams play up to 21! It's really fun, and you can either buy the game pre-made or make it very inexpensively.
Homemade washer game:

One you can buy:



Protip: Don't play in the dark. The washers get lost and . . . maybe get flung into the side of someone's car by the lawn mower.
Another protip: Don't paint the washers red . . . if you're playing with someone that's red-green colorblind, it gets a little difficult to locate the washers in the grass!
Got any other suggestions for fun, outdoor games on the cheap? Leave it here! And as always --
Stay awesome!