Things We Love: The Dollar $tore


Dollar stores. I'm oddly fascinated by dollar stores. Probably because you can find things like this there.
Yes, this was after the Rebecca Black phenomenon. And yes, we were so excited about this $1 purchase that we felt the need to modify it to fit the song.
Anyway, I found this great article at about things you should definitely buy at the dollar store to save your money ca$h.
1) Greeting cards
Honestly, people look at a greeting card for about 1 minute, give an appreciative nod, and then forget about it. Why spend $3+ on a greeting card from the drugstore when you can get one for fifty cents to a dollar at the all-powerful dollar store? This has been my mother's best-kept secret for years. Although, now it's not secret. Whoops. 
2) Decorations
There are actually some pretty great items at dollar stores, especially around Christmas and Halloween. It's crazy to me to spend a fortune on decorations you only use once a year. (Let's not even begin to talk about people that leave their outdoor Christmas lights up all year . . . but I digress.) I used to buy decorations for my dorm at the dollar store, and I had an entire setup for under $10. BOOM.
3) Gift bags / gift wrap
I've seen gift bags for up to $6. What do you do with a gift bag once you give it away? Nothing, because you don't have it. So go to the dollar store and buy a gift bag for a buck, because let's be honest: no one looks at the bags. They look at the present inside it. Rolls of wrapping paper are 99 cents. It's glorious.
4) Personal items
Q-Tips? Check. Cotton balls? Check. Shampoo? Check. I buy all of these things at the dollar store. At Family Dollar, they have name-brand stuff, too. They have Dove deodorant, real Chap Stick, Kleenex brand tissue, etc. etc. for less than half the price you would pay at the drugstore. 
5) Office supplies
When back-to-school time hits in August, there's no better place to go than the dollar store. Do you really need a $6 notebook or a fancy-shmancy fountain pen for your calculus class? No. I'm telling you, you don't. Hit up your local dollar store. Last year I scored printer paper, ballpoint pens, 3 notebooks, tape, scissors and highlighters for under $10. The same haul would have cost around double that at the drugstore. Respect your money.
(Author's note: I might start saying "respect your money" a lot, because I like it.)
So, friends, believe in the dollar store. There are more tips to dollar store shopping in the article, so check it out here.
Stay awesome!