Things We Learned from "Boy Meets World"

Mr. Feeny is basically my hero. If any of you grew up with the television show "Boy Meets World," you know EXACTLY who I'm talking about.

I have yet to meet someone in my age group who doesn't absolutely adore this TV show. Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Mr. Feeny, and Eric were always on my TV on Friday nights -- remember TGIF?! I'm still so upset they got rid of TGIF!

Anyway, this article from Buzzfeed highlights some hilarious lessons we've learned from "Boy Meets World" over the years! Here are some of my favorites:

Assigned seats are for LIFE.

6th Grade

high school


You will have the same teacher for every year you're in school.
He'll also be your college professor for every single class.

Life's tough, get a helmet.

Got a locker at school? You'll be stuffed into it by guys that look like this. Locker stuffings, a classic high school thing that happens in real life.

Your teachers will let you live with them in times of need.

Oh hey Mr. Turner, teacher-slash-Shawn's-legal-guardian!

Mr. Feeny is the wisest man on planet Earth.

What is your favorite "Boy Meets World" moment? I'm waiting for my friend Trevor to comment saying "WHAT ARE YOU, NEW?"

All images are from the article :)

Stay awesome!