Things to do instead of going to the mall

I started this blog series last week, because I’m sad to say that winter is right around the corner. This means it's time for snow, ice, sleet, cold, runny noses and puffy jackets. Not too many people like to spend a ton of time outside in the winter, unless you are a winter sports person, which I AM NOT. If you are like me it is extremely tempting to go to the mall in the winter, to get out of the house and feel connected to society during hibernation season. But as we all know, if you spend enough time at the mall, you are bound to spend money. So, here are a few more ideas on things to do instead of going to the mall.

1.    Clean out your junk drawers/ back pack/ purse/ trunk of the car

Collect the change and go to the High Speed Coin Machine! Everyone has a junk drawer, break the mold, get rid of the junk drawer. This should really only take you 30 min. unless you have 5 junk drawers, then this could be a full day project. Most of the time those trash bag purses are full of loose change. Collect the change and drop it in the Michigan First High Speed Coin Machine which is free for members to use!

2.    Volunteer

There are tons of opportunities to volunteer in the community. The library, animal shelters, soup kitchens, churches, school systems and even your university. You might be surprised at how much fun you will have giving back to your community, making a difference, and NOT GOING TO THE MALL!

3.    Attend the school of YouTube

Do you want to learn a new hobby, instrument, start a business or just want to be inspired? Attend the, oh so amazing and free school of YouTube.  I learned how to play guitar, how to edit pictures and videos, how to use different software and tons of DIY and recipes all from YouTube. You could spend all day everyday learning stuff from YouTube, so take advantage of it!


I hope you were inspired by those three suggestions of things to do instead of going to the mall. Next week I will share the last 4 suggestions of this series. If you have any other ideas, leave them in the comments below.

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,