Things Frugal People DON'T do...

I like browsing Pinterest for some great inspiration. Whenever I find some helpful hints or great blogs, I pin them. Recently I found a blog about things frugal people don’t do. Some of the things listed on the blog were common sense, but I did find some of them interesting. Below are some of the points made in the blog;

  • Don’t buy food from vending machines

  • Don’t waste money on cable

  • Shop at warehouse stores

  • Don’t buy something JUST because you have a coupon for it. Only buy things you need or will use

  • Never buy clothes at full price

  • Get a side hustle to make some extra bucks, like blogging, cleaning, babysitting…

  • Starbucks is a treat, not a right

  • Quality time is free and important - You don’t have to go out to eat, or go to the movies to socialize

I’d also like to add a few of my own to this list:

  • Let your side hustle become a fun hobby/learn more skills/network with professionals

  • Learn how to cook small meals

  • Shop with cash only

  • Buy Christmas presents & birthday presents throughout the year, don’t wait till the last min.

I hope some of that was helpful to you. I know I live by most of these standards, but I still have some adjustments I need to make to truly become a frugal young adult.

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,