The Summer Job Search


Hopefully, you've already scored your summer job. Schools are usually pretty good at helping students find summer internships, although whether these internships are paid or not is up in the air.
However, sometimes young people just can't afford to pass up on income for a summer. Last summer, I worked 20 hours a week at an unpaid public relations internship and 20 hours a week in an office at school. Sure, it was rough, and putting in the hours without the reward of a decent paycheck can be disheartening. But the fact remains that the effort paid off, since I got this lovely job largely as a result of that internship!

The outlook for summer jobs is still pretty dismal, though. There are some tips out there that you might not think about, though!
  • Don't rely solely on the Internet
Many small businesses or people looking for babysitters/yardwork won't advertise online if they are looking for employees. Ask around, visit local businesses and ask about job opportunities, or visit city hall to inquire about seasonal summer jobs. Although seasonal hiring has decreased, you could get lucky!
  • Use your resources
You have parents, you have friends, you have teachers. Ask them if they know of any opportunities! You'd be surprised at how many people know others that run small businesses or a staffer for a large company looking for interns.
  • Don't give up!
The economy may be sucktastic, but keep sending out applications and networking. It won't be easy, but the experience and the paycheck you'll get out of the summer job search will definitely pay off in the long run. 


There's a job out there for everyone. (I made that up. But it sounds inspiring.) Keep your chins up, Young & Free people, and go out there and take the job market by storm! (But be nice.)


Stay awesome,