The Secret Clearance Section of the Apple Store: Macs, iPads & More, for Less

Apple is keeping secrets from us, and I don’t like that very much. So I’d like to think that I’m doing my due diligence as a Good Samaritan woman.

Apple has a clearance rack. Usually, the clearance rack is the very first thing I check when I go shopping. It’s usually tucked away in the back somewhere, but the clothes or products are usually still in great condition. Maybe the seasons changed, or something newer and “better” is out. Well, yep, Apple has that. And they tucked it away so well, most people don't even know it exists.

It’s called Apple’s Refurbished Store. I know, I know. You’re thinking, “I don’t want an old, raggedy computer that somebody already busted up, which was halfway fixed.” But don’t be fooled. These computers are in great, new, condition. You’d never even know it was pre-owned.

The store offers Macs, iPads, and iPods. No refurbished iPhones are up for grabs.

How much of a cheaper is it?

  • Macbook/ iMac: Discounts are usually about 15% off. That ranges anywhere from $140 - $400 in savings, depending on the computer’s year, make and model.
  • iPad: Discounts range from 5% - 26% discounts, saving anywhere from $30- $190.
  • iPod: Not many iPods are available, as they are probably very high in demands from the Refurbished Store. They are as low as $149!


All Apple Refurbished products are tested for certification and include a full one-year warranty, just as any new Apple products do.

The Catch

There isn’t one. The only thing I can say is, if you don’t care much about the year/model and just want a functioning computer or device, this is a great option. Some products are older, the oldest being from 2013, but there are products as new as 2015 available. To insure quality, the products go through an intense certification.

If you’re looking to save up to hundreds of dollars on Apple products, I highly recommend considering this option. Skim the site before running to the Apple Store and buying the latest and greatest, which probably isn’t much different than the discounted one.

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