The Rise of Design and Its Unseen Enemy- Motivational Monday

Happy Monday everyone. I'm sorry this post is up a little later than usual, I had an unusual opportunity today, which you can find more about on the YoungFreeMI Instagram. 

Today, I wanted to start a mini series of Motivational Monday blogs from some of the notes I took from my incredible experience at TedX Oakland University on Friday.

Trevor Anulewicz gave an empowering speech about the Rise of Design and Its Unseen Enemy. His message really spoke to me personally because I consider myself to be more of a creative person. I could totally relate to some of the truth he was spitting. He was talking about the direction that corporations want to go in, but the huge obstacle of being closed minded and stuck in old ways of doing things. Everyone want's new fresh ideas and creative ways to accomplish goals, but at the same time a majority of companies don't encourage creative people to speak up and step out. 

He quoted Sting saying, you have to be able to risk ridicule as a creative. You have to be vulnerable and understand that you will be put on display.  And, to create anything wonderful one must know how to connect with people. Having a great idea is one thing, but when that great idea acctually connects with others, or solves a problem or will help a company go in the right direction, that is when a great idea has the potential to become a successful one.  

He really hit the nail on the head when he said, "Some have become bias to creativity. They say, we need visionary leaders, but only if they keep their ideas to themselves." Don't let that be you! Don't be afraid to step out and be a little more creative. Who knows what could come from it.


As a creative employee it's important to find the balance of respect for the culture of your company while pushing the limits a little by sharing your ideas and explaining the value of creativity at your job. 

Thanks Trevor for the amazing motivational speech. Hit him up on Twitter @TrevorAnulewicz

Stay tuned for some more blog posts inspired by motivational speeches I heard at TedX Oakland University. 

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