The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are literally right around the corner and last-minute shopping is a recipe for financial disaster! Just because you’re shopping last minute doesn’t mean you have to shop aimlessly. Here are some great gifts for everyone on your list.



Kill two birds with one stone this holiday. Buy your friends a group gift, like these cute pizza necklaces or group wine glasses.



We all would love to go all out for the one who has our heart but that’s not always possible. Buy that special someone a festive holiday sweater or cook them a nice meal and make it a romantic date.



Men’s cologne is the perfect gift. Chances are it’s something they need but don’t always buy on their own.



Bath bombs are the newest pampering trend and I’m all for it! Pick your sis up some cute bath bombs, throw in lotion and a body spray and you have yourself a great pamper kit.



If your mom is anything like mine she has a million cards in her wallet and it looks like it’s going to explode! Help mom stay organized this winter with a trendy new wallet or keep her warm with a cozy robe or throw blanket.



Dads can never have enough socks or pajamas, and these are things they usually won’t buy on their own. You can also look in to buying him a fancy shaving kit or paying for a subscription to a shaving club.


Carry this gift guide with you as you shop this week, it’ll help you stay focused. If you have any gift suggestions, add them in the comments or chime in on social at @YoungFreeMI.



Stay Young & Be Free,