The Original Space Jam Website

You guys. I'm pretty obsessed with the movie Space Jam, as I'm pretty sure you've noticed over the past year. As I was browsing around the Interwebz looking for things to blog about, I got a little distracted and, of course, started Googling stuff about car starters, which led to "Ignition," which led to R. Kelly, which led to Michael Jordan, which led to Charles Barkley and Larry Bird, which led to something that unites all of those basketball stars and one solid hip-hop artist: SPACE JAM.

And then something amazing happened. THE ORIGINAL SPACE JAM WEBSITE IS STILL OUT THERE. Yes. It's the real deal, people. Keep in mind that Space Jam came out in 1996, when the Internet was just starting to catch on. It looks like those websites I used to create at Yahoo! GeoCities.


Just so you all know, you can still play the music right from the website, which is awesome because I lost my Space Jam CD. Here's an example of the copy on the site: 

"If you like basketball, and you like to jam, go no further. Space Jam isn't just about Michael Jordan meeting the Looney Tunes -- it's about a slammin' jammin' game to keep the Looney Tunes out of a failed intergalactic theme park! Rounding out the cast are some of the biggest stars of the NBA, making their feature film debuts." 

I don't think I'll be able to contain my happiness today, and I hope you'll share in my joy.

Stay awesome!