The One Year Wardrobe Project


Clothing is important to many people. (Not everyone. I'm modifying that statement. I said MANY people.) If you think about it, clothing is one of the first thing people notice about other people. Naturally, it becomes an expense you can't avoid. You NEED clothing. This isn't "The Emperor's New Clothes", people.
But what about all those clothes you purchase, and then never wear? Everyone has their "go-to" items of clothing. Most of the boys I know wear a grand total of about 4 shirts on a rotating basis, even though I suspect they have a closet full of clothes at home.
Which is why I LOVE's article The One Year Wardrobe Project. The author took all of his clothes out of the clothes closet and moved them into the spare bedroom. If what he needed was not in his clothes closet (which, obviously was the case at first) he would go to the spare room, retrieve the items, and then after wearing and washing, return it to the clothes closet. Over the course of a year, he realized that he only wore a small portion of his wardrobe.
He donated the clothing that he hadn't worn in a year to charity, and realized that buying the odd cheap item of clothing here and there was actually costing him money without any actual purpose. He decided that he would allow himself to invest in quality clothing, but only when he had a need of it.
I encourage you all to try this out. Personally, I'm a bit of a "purger" who goes through my stuff every once in a while and chucks a bunch, but it can be hard to part with the clothing you bought with your hard-earned cash! Avoid buying a lot of cheap clothing and invest in a few solid pieces that you can wear FOREVER! (Or at least for a year. Let's not get crazy. I don't see anyone wearing togas in public outside of fraternity parties.)
Stay awesome!