The Long-Awaited Winners of the Textbook Giveaway!

This might seem a little late - but it took us awhile to gather the photos of the Textbook Giveaway, and sadly we didn't get one of them :( However, here they are!

**drumroll please***
The winner of the $500 prize is . . . 
Charlotte Pickens! Here's a photo of Charlotte collecting her prize!
The winner of the $300 prize is . . . 
Shareem Jones! (Sadly, we did not get a photo of Shareem. Sad face.)
And the winner of the $200 prize is . . . 
Karen Logsdon! Here's a photo of Karen collecting her prize.
Thank you to all who participated! We love giving sweet stuff away, so if you want to be like these awesome people and win big, keep following Young & Free Michigan! It's so easy and FREE! (So many exclamation points . . . I'm excited!)
Stay awesome!