The Living Young & Free Show

We Are Bigger Than You Might Think

Did you guys know that Young & Free Michigan isn’t just a program specific to the Metro Detroit area?  It’s actually part of a great Young & Free network.  While in our area it is powered by Michigan First Credit Union, Young & Free is an international program that originated in Canada!  Since 2007, 24 spokesters from across 10 US States and 2 Canadian Providences have helped more than 100,000 young adults learn more about their finances! 

One of the great ways I get to collaborate with other spokesters from across the country is through an online video series called, The Living Young & Free Show!  Published every two weeks on our blog, the Living Young & Free Show is a collaborative effort between all of the active Young & Free spokesters. Each episode is packed with useful topics, tips, tricks and hacks to get the most out of your money!

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We all know that understanding how to manage your money isn’t the most exciting of topics.  This is just one of the many ways Young & Free connects with you on a more practical level.  You can view all of the Living Young & Free Shows here, or by checking back on our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages frequently!   

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