The Little Things Add Up!

Who Balances a Check Book Anymore?


When was the last time you heard of someone your age balancing a check book?  Maybe you’ve overheard your parents talking about it, but in the day and age of debit cards and online banking, going back through you check book to add up daily expenses seems a little obsolete. 

With that said, it’s the small purchases throughout the week that can cause some serious damage to your budget.  When you’re not in the habit of tracking them, they can easily get out of control.  Try going back through your last month to see how much you spent on small purchases.  Sure, late night Taco Bell might only cost $5 each trip, but when you make four trips a week it all starts to add up!

Self-reflecting like this can serve as a pretty healthy dose of reality.   After you’ve added up all of these expenses challenge yourself to spend less next month!  Financial stability isn’t going to just fall in your lap.  You have to fight for it!  So take this as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and set new goals for yourself. 

Until next time,