Attention Costco Shoppers!

Plenty of us at some point in life have made a trip to those large warehouse stores like Costco or Sam’s Club.  This is especially true for those of us who are getting ready to move back into the dorms for another semester.  Instead of worrying about returning to the local grocery store every time you run out of an item, sometimes it is way easier to by the MEGA SUPER INDUSTRIAL SIZED BOX that will last all semester long!  While this may seem like a great bargain because of the discounted price, sometimes buying in bulk isn’t always the smartest OR cheapest option.  Below is some food for thought to take into consideration before making your next SUPER WAREHOUSE SHOPPING SPREE…

Check those expiration dates!

Just because you bought enough heads of lettuce to last you all year doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to eat them all before they go bad!  Many adults who buy bulk items often find that they can’t eat them fast enough before they go bad.  To prevent this, stay away from any type of food or veggie that has a short shelf life!  Paper products are a GREAT item to buy in bulk as well as anything that can be kept frozen for long periods of time…that is assuming you have a freezer big enough to store half a cow.

Ask yourself, am I going to ACTUALLY use this?

When shopping in large warehouse stores it is often mind blowing to see just how many products are sold in bulk.  For instance, party favors …Who knew that you could buy 6 THOUSAND little cocktail umbrellas all at once?  DO NOT let yourself become wooed by the absurd quantity of product.  Yes you might be throwing a Hawaiian themed party next week, but are you really going to be able to use all of them?  Better yet, WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO PUT THE EXTRA UMBRELLAS after the party is over?  The best way to avoid this situation is to stick to your grocery list!  Decide before you leave the house, what needs to be purchased. 

Sharing might be caring, but it's also SMART

Okay so maybe you don’t want to just share the items you just bought with the last bit of your paycheck, BUT splitting the cost of bulk items can be an efficient way to stock your apartment when living with roommates.  Once again paper products are a great option in this situation.  Stocking up early in the year avoids later arguments down the road over who bought toilet paper last time.  Even if you don’t have roommates, combine grocery lists and funds between friends and family.   This is a quick way to take advantage of the cheaper prices without having to worry about excess product, storage or spoilage! 
Until next time!