The House at the End of the Street!

It's Movie Time!

I’ve mentioned this before, but for today’s blog post, I have to admit again that I am a complete movie trailer addict.  Half the reason why I love going to the movies is not because of movie itself, but because of the previews!  I’m fascinated how they use only a few short clips combined with music and clever editing to capture the essence of the film.

As a fan of scary movies and Hunger Games Star, Jennifer Lawrence, I am pumped to share with you the trailer for The House at the End of the Street.   This story line revolves around a divorced mother and her daughter moving into what seems to be their dream home.  After moving in the mother and daughter learn that the neighbors next door were murdered by their younger daughter, who then disappeared, leaving only the older brother left.   The story line progresses as the mother and daughter become entwined with a murder mystery that was thought to be left unsolved.

This psychological thriller will hopefully live up to its trailer’s menacing theme.  I personally love the artistic touch of the editing and production work.  Let me know what YOU think by commenting below.  Hopefully Jenn Lawrence can pull off another great performance and we can all have another reason to sleep with the closet light on!

Check it out!


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