The Great (Netflix) Debate


Have you heard the news? Netflix prices are going up again.
This happened not too long ago, but this time around, it's much more controversial. The last time Netflix increased prices, it was only by a dollar or so. Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, right?
Now, though, Netflix has split up its streaming and DVD-shipping plans for $7.99 each. This has (not surprisingly) outraged many of Netflix's loyal customers. Those who had previously enjoyed streaming movies and unlimited 1-DVD-a-month perks now have to pay four dollars more per month for both privileges.
Personally, I'm a little ticked off. I've been a Netflix subscriber since 2008 and I'm not looking forward to paying $16 per month. In fact, I may even cancel.
What do you think? Will you cancel your Netflix subscription, stick it out, or pay for either streaming or DVDs but not both? Leave it here or on Facebook!
Stay awesome!