The Grand Slam Price Hike

The cost of eating out is slowly but surely rising. Have you ever found yourself in a Denny's, enjoying that delicious Grand Slam breakfast? It tastes like what I imagine rainbows and sunlight taste like.


Figure 1.1: Rainbows and Sunlight

However, Denny's, which is notorious for being a low-cost dining out option, has announced that they will be "modestly" raising their prices
The reason for the price hike? Analysts are projecting a 3% to 5% increase in the cost of ingredients this year. This means that we can reasonably expect some other food prices to rise . . . which makes this a perfect time to re-evaluate your dining out habits!
(FYI . . . Starbucks is also increasing the price of its already-astronomically-expensive coffee . . . so it might be time to buy a coffee maker!)


Stay awesome!